Rental Property Management

Our reputation is solid across the greater St. Cloud, MN area. To create a highly successful rental property management business, we’ve had to create a culture of trust with homeowners. At Jamkee Properties, we truly value being partners with some of the best rental homeowners across the Central Minnesota area.

Homeowner Rental Property Management

Homeowners who hold properties as rental investments or rent them out have concerns that can only be met by a professional property management services firm. Jamkee Properties understands your needs and commits to a high level of performance in delivering some very detailed services:


No matter how amazing of a rental property management company we may be, if we never find you a tenant we won’t get to manage your property! That’s where our marketing comes in.

First, we offer this amazing website as a way to showcase your home. We’re known from Cold Spring to Foley as the place to go to find a place to live, so our website is always busy.

Next, we share your home on our social media, with beautiful photos and link back to more information on our website.

We also provide access to print media if needed, and can discuss newspaper and magazine options with you if you’d prefer.

Tenant Screening

All of the marketing in the world doesn’t help our reputation if we let the wrong tenant in your home. As a proud rental property management company, we strive to never send you a non-desirable tenant. We also guarantee our tenants, so we won’t charge a new lease fee if we have to replace a tenant who leaves early.

We provide exhaustive tenant screening and selection to keep you happy and profitable. High turnover or damage to your home cost more than just money - they damage our relationship with you and our reputation in the Central Minnesota area.

We provide initial phone interviews, full applications, credit and reference checks and a final pre-lease interview to clear up any lingering questions. This level of scrutiny provides a great return on investment for our clients.

Property Maintenance*

Maintenance of your property is one of our most important tasks. From regular or annual tasks like landscaping, electrical and plumbing adjustments, and appliance maintenance, to the unfortunate damage which can occur through accident or normal wear-and-tear over time.

While Jamkee Properties strives to provide as much maintenance as possible through our existing staff, some specialized subcontractors do need to be hired. We thoroughly vet any contractors for honesty, efficiency, response time and cost effectiveness.

Jamkee Properties also provides regular, low-intrusion visits to your rental property in order to catch maintenance issues early and minimize cost. We keep meticulous records of work done, invoices and warranties so you have everything at your fingertips.

*Homeowners can perform their own maintenance if they prefer – Property Maintenance is not a required service from Jamkee Properties.

Rent Collection & Disbursement

Finally – this isn’t a hobby for you, this is an investment. Without collecting rent, there isn’t much point. As a rental property management firm, our homeowners trust us to gather rent, account for expenses and remit the balance to you in a timely manner.

We not only handle all of the money, we can also help you determine what the market value for renting your home is. We’ll help you understand the market in your Central Minnesota City, such as:

We’ll also handle late rent issues, defaults and evictions as necessary. But, with our rigorous tenant screening process, we hope it won’t come to that.